Gum disease exists in different stages, ranging from mild to severe. Gingivitis is the most common and treatable form, which many adults experience on a regular basis. Gingivitis can often be taken care of with a simple dental cleaning.

If your gum disease is more moderate, however, it is better to seek professional-grade care, like deep scaling and root planing in Arlington, Texas. Your gums can be healthy and beautiful again with just a little help from our dentists, Dr. Angelie Zamora and Dr. Britany Jenkins. Call Smiles Family Dental at 817-277-1971 today to learn more.

What Is Scaling?

When bacteria and plaque is left untreated for too long, it can create buildup along and under the gumline. This bad combination can create pockets of plaque, tartar and bacteria under the gumline that can have a severe effect on your gums and may lead to loosened, or even lost, permanent teeth. Scaling is one of the best ways to clean and eliminate these pockets.

Scaling is a deep cleaning method that dentists use to remove bacteria and plaque below the gumline. Using a dental scaler and a curette, two small handheld dental tools, our dentists can reach under the gumline to remove buildup that would otherwise be out of reach. The process will leave your gums much cleaner, healthier and happier.

What Does Scaling Feel Like?

Because scaling involves using tools under the gumline, it may be an uncomfortable, strange feeling. We know this, which is why we are more than happy to numb the area in advance, particularly for our patients with sensitive gums. Depending on the state of your gums, your scaling procedure might be done in one session or multiple.

Once the scaling process is finished, there may be some lingering sensitivity, but this should pass quickly. You will be able to enjoy healthier gums that are no longer swollen, sensitive or painful!

What Is Root Planing?

If you have been experiencing severe gum disease that has gone under the gumline, that plaque and tartar has likely had an effect on the roots of your teeth. These elements can roughen the physical surface of your dental roots, which makes them a better home for bacteria and makes it harder for your gums to support your teeth.

With root planing, our dentists will use a small dental tool to dip under the gumline and smooth those roughened areas. Smoothing your tooth roots will allow them to stay clean and healthy for much longer, and your gums will be able to more naturally adhere to the smooth surface, which means a stronger relationship between teeth and gums.

What Does Root Planing Feel Like?

Root planing offers a similar sensation to dental scaling. Some patients describe it as feeling as though their teeth are being vigorously scraped. So while the sensation itself is not painful, it can be uncomfortable, especially for those with sensitive gums.

We will always do everything we can to give you a comfortable, relaxing experience with us. We can numb the area to avoid any discomfort, and we are also willing to offer sedation dentistry methods to any patients who might be particularly nervous. Let us know what we can do to help!

Symptoms of Gum Disease

Dental scaling and root planing are very effective procedures with a high rate of success, but the best way to treat gum disease is to avoid it entirely. Regular brushing and flossing along with visits to our dentists can keep gum disease at bay.

It also helps to know what you are looking for in case you have already got gum disease! If you are experiencing any of the following, contact our office today to treat your gum disease promptly.

  • Swollen or inflamed gums.
  • Gums that bleed frequently, especially while flossing.
  • Highly temperature-sensitive gums.
  • Discolored gums.
  • Gums that are retreating from your teeth.
  • Loosened permanent teeth.

Even if you are experiencing several of these symptoms, it is not too late to heal your gums and improve your dental health thanks to our scaling and planing technology.

Keep Your Gums Healthy and Your Smile Bright With Scaling and Planing

As soon as you think you might be experiencing gum disease, contact our office! We can offer solutions no matter what stage of gum disease you are in. Thanks to our treatment methods, you will be enjoying healthy, pain-free gums and a beautiful smile again in no time.