In the age of the internet, alternative options exist for individuals seeking to find more cost-effective or faster treatment options.

It is becoming popular to use internet-based companies for teeth alignment treatments. The quality seems decent, and the price looks unbeatable up front. So why should you not use an internet-based alignment service?


Many internet-based companies rely on remote modeling methods. This can involve the need to drive to a modeling location or, most commonly, would rely on using molds to map the current shape of your teeth.

Here at Smiles Family Dental, we make sure to use quality technology, including 3D scans and X-rays, to accurately map out your teeth. Synthetic mold material may be able to provide a decent model of your mouth, but this method lacks the accuracy and reliability of more advanced mapping methods.

Because Invisalign® clear aligners in Arlington, Texas, use advanced 3D mapping and X-rays to model your mouth and gums, we are able to create custom aligner trays that fit snugly against your teeth and conform to your gumline. This makes them significantly less noticeable during daily use.

Invisalign aligners use quality medical-grade plastic specifically designed for aligning teeth. This plastic is elastic enough to not break but firm enough to adjust teeth. Online providers will likely use lower quality plastic that may not deliver the same results.

Using aligners that rely on less sophisticated mapping methods could result in aligners that do not properly fit your teeth or irritate your tongue and gums while they are worn.


Cost can be a large reason people use online alignment services. Out-of-pocket costs seem significantly less than using a licensed dentist’s services. Prices from online providers can be deceptive.

Price advertisements for online services are very optimistic. They will often exclude additional costs such as those for treatment adjustments or more difficult cases requiring a period longer than the traditional six-month price that is typically listed.

Even after these additional costs are factored in, there are still quality issues with the products themselves. Cheaper products result in cheaper solutions. The technology used in online alignment services are often inferior to the quality we guarantee.

In addition to the quality of material, you are guaranteed to be working with one of our certified dental professionals who knows your specific needs. Adjustments to treatments are typically factored into the price you pay, so you do not have to worry as much about being blindsided by additional costs if there are problems with your Invisalign aligners.


The technology we use to customize your treatment is superior to online providers in every step of the process. Not only are the scans more accurate but treatment plans are also more detailed and are supervised personally and consistently by experts.

Online treatments are limited in the type of interaction they can provide. Many will rely on email and phone calls to address the issues you are facing. The in-person appointments throughout your treatment allow our dental professionals to properly examine your teeth and personally evaluate your concerns.


The often inferior quality of aligner trays provided by internet-based aligner companies is less capable of addressing the more advanced problems of tooth realignment.

The advanced methods used to map your mouth and design a customized plan are more capable of addressing issues faced by people looking for better smiles. In addition to the high-quality tools at our disposal, our certified professionals are qualified to address less common issues in mouth alignment.

If you have issues during your treatment that the current treatment plan is not addressing, our professional dentists will be able to reassess issues and solve new problems as they arise. Your in-person visits eliminate the frustrating and nuanced problems that come with trying to resolve issues through speech or writing.

Why Professional Invisalign Treatment Is Better for You

Being treated in-person at Smiles Family Dental ensures you get the accurate, high-quality results you want from your alignment treatment. Our professional services are qualified to treat the most difficult alignment problems.

Our treatment plans are much more transparent than the typical online alignment service, so you can feel more confident knowing that you will not be blindsided with additional fees as your treatment progresses.

Do Not Settle for Subpar Straightening

Mail-order aligners might seem quick and easy, but they come with plenty of hidden costs. Preserve your dental health and give yourself the best possible straightening experience by calling Smiles Family Dental at 817-277-1971 to schedule a free, in-person consultation with our dentists, Dr. Angelie Zamora and Dr. Britany Jenkins, today!