what is laser dentistry?

Virtually Pain-Free Dentistry with Laser Treatment Alternatives

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For More Comfortable Treatments with Quick Recovery Times

Dental lasers have been in use for decades, but have only recently become a highly desirable treatment solution in modern dental care. Minimally-invasive in nature, our office incorporates the WaterLase® MD and PerioLase® MVP-7 dental lasers into various procedures as treatment alternatives to traditional surgical techniques. Traditional techniques are often uncomfortable, even painful, and leave the patient with days of recovery times that can impede on their normal schedule. Laser dentistry typically has our patients back to their daily routine the same or very next day, with little to no discomfort. Patients who have previously shied away from surgical treatments now have a more convenient alternative to get the care they need.

waterlase machine for laser dentistry

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

  • Minimally-Invasive
  • Virtually Pain-Free
  • No Drills, Scalpels, Stitches or Sutures
  • Quicker, More Convenient Treatment
  • Faster Healing and Recovery
  • Hemostasis to Stop Bleeding and Protect the Treated Area

When do we use dental lasers?


Dental lasers can be used to restore health to the teeth and gum tissues for various procedures, such as root canals. They effectively remove bacteria and decay to help the targeted area heal more quickly than traditional solutions, offering patients a better treatment experience.


The frenum, or thin piece of tissue, exists under the tongue and between the top front teeth under the upper lip. When this tissue affects range of motion or the health of the teeth, a frenectomy can be performed to correct it. With the dental laser, this procedure is quick, effective and virtually pain-free, offering results almost instantaneously.

LANAP® for Gum Disease Treatment

The LANAP® protocol is an effective gum disease treatment option that sterilizes infected gum tissues by eradicating the bacteria that exist beneath the gum line. The laser treatment helps gums return to a healthy state without the need for incisions.

Crown Lengthening

To even out the gum line or reshape bone and gum tissue, we may recommend performing a crown lengthening procedure. Using the dental laser for this treatment versus traditional surgical techniques allows us to keep you more comfortable with a minimally-invasive solution that does not require the use of cutting or stitches.

Getting the dental care you need without the pain or inconvenience is easier than ever before with the assistance of dental lasers. Schedule your appointment today!

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Our dentist are committed to providing excellence in care for every patient, taking advantage of modern dental technology whenever possible to enhance your dental experience. To provide minimally-invasive alternative solutions, Dr. Angelie Zamora has been professionally trained with various dental lasers.

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