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Save Your Smile from Tooth Extraction with Root Canal Treatment

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Relieve Pain with Tooth-Saving Treatment

There are over 15 million endodontic root canal procedures performed annually. Root canals are necessary when the inside of a tooth becomes infected or damaged, causing pain, sensitivity or swelling. If an infected tooth is left untreated, that tooth is at risk of being extracted. To restore the health of a tooth, save it from extraction and relieve pain, our doctors use modern laser technology to assist with root canal procedures. This service is virtually pain-free so patients who have delayed treatment out of fear can get the care they need today.

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What Can I Expect During a Root Canal Procedure?

Modern root canals performed in our office, with the help of the latest in laser technology, are rather similar to a filling. Our doctors start by numbing the area before removing the infected pulp from the inside of the tooth, to effectively eradicate the infection and disease-causing bacteria. Then, they fill the tooth with a rubber-like material to seal it. The tooth is then covered with a mercury-free filling or dental crown to add strength and protection. This procedure helps us save teeth from extraction while eliminating your source of discomfort or pain and restoring health to the smile.

Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

  • Save Natural Teeth from Extraction
  • Restore Health to the Tooth and Smile
  • Relieve Discomfort and Pain
  • Prevents Further Infection to Surrounding Gums and Bone
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Take advantage of our practice’s dental laser technology to save your smile with root canal treatment. Schedule your consultation today!

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Dr. Angelie Zamora has been professionally trained on how to use dental lasers for endodontic procedures, such as root canals, to offer patients a faster, more reliable and virtually pain-free treatment experience.

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