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Save Your Smile from Tooth Extraction with Root Canal Treatment

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Relieve Pain with Tooth-Saving Treatment

There are over 15 million endodontic root canal procedures performed annually. Root canals are necessary when the inside of a tooth becomes infected or damaged, causing pain, sensitivity or swelling. If an infected tooth is left untreated, that tooth is at risk of being extracted. To restore the health of a tooth, save it from extraction and relieve pain, your local family dentist uses modern laser technology to assist with root canal procedures. This service is virtually pain-free so patients who have delayed treatment out of fear can get the care they need today.

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What Can I Expect During a Root Canal Procedure?

Modern root canals performed in our office, with the help of the latest in laser technology, are rather similar to a filling. Our doctors start by numbing the area before removing the infected pulp from the inside of the tooth, to effectively eradicate the infection and disease-causing bacteria. Then, they fill the tooth with a rubber-like material to seal it. The tooth is then covered with a mercury-free filling or dental crown to add strength and protection. This procedure helps us save teeth from extraction while eliminating your source of discomfort or pain and restoring health to the smile.

Root Canal Myths

There are many prevailing myths regarding root canals. Thanks to the modern technology we use, root canal treatments don’t come with the pain people often fear. Our dentists remove the damaged tissue and are trained in pain management, so they can keep the patient comfortable.

Another myth is that treatment can cause illness in the body. Contrary to the rumor, it does not. This claim originated many decades ago when modern medicine wasn’t as advanced as it is today and the causes of many diseases were not fully understood. A root canal treatment is safe, and it is a better alternative to tooth extraction. It avoids the need to replace a tooth with a bridge or implant or to perform additional procedures to fix nearby teeth, gums, and tissues.

Prevent Tooth Extraction with a Root Canal from Your Dentist

A root canal treatment is relatively simple and straightforward. Tooth decay and infections can take a toll; the damage may lead to the loss of a tooth. Fortunately, dentists have methods to access the root, disinfect and clean the canals, and re-shape them to avoid future problems. Root canal treatments also enable them to address abscesses that can lead to more complications. The space drilled to reach the root is then filled so the tooth is fully functional.

Treatments by Smiles Family Dental in Las Colinas, Flower Mound, and Arlington

In addition to root canal therapy and tooth extractions, we also offer:

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Benefits of Root Canal Treatment

  • Save Natural Teeth from Extraction
  • Inflammed or infected pulp is removed, as are harmful bacteria, so no further damage occurs. Avoiding extraction eliminates issues such as a loss of chewing function or shifting of surrounding teeth. A missing tooth increases your risk of infection and bone loss, and, not to mention, it can affect your smile.

  • Restore Health to the Tooth and Smile
  • With the infected material removed, the tooth is sealed with a rubber-like material and dental filling. You’ll be able to eat the same foods, and the results of root canals can last a lifetime. Often no additional dental work is required.

  • Relieve Discomfort and Pain
  • Decay and infection not only cause pain in the tooth but also in the jaw and head. A root canal treatment alleviates these symptoms. Infected tissue puts pressure on nerves and tissues surrounding the tooth, but your family dentist can address the issue with this relatively quick, painless procedure.

  • The Procedure Is Virtually Pain-Free
  • Dentists use anesthesia and modern technology and techniques that minimize pain. Recovery generally involves little discomfort and takes just a few days. Discomfort has been reported as minimal when compared to that of a tooth extraction.

  • Prevents Further Infection to Surrounding Gums and Bone

Oral infections can spread quickly. When the canals are cleared, treated, and sealed, the treatment protects the tooth and surrounding gums and bone. Advancements in treatment now enable dentists to save most teeth, unless the root is severely damaged, is not accessible, or there’s a lack of bone support.

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Take advantage of our practice’s dental laser technology to save your smile with root canal treatment. Schedule your consultation today!

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